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SELL Student Games is a multi-sport event that is open for all university and college students all over the world. The name of the games are according to the first letters of the hosting countries, Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in their respective languages (Finnish: Suomi, Estonian: Eesti, Latvian: Latvija, Lithuanian: Lietuva) The principles of the games are that everyone can participate and therefore the event combines top sports and joyful student event. Nowadays the games gather together around 2000+ students.

The main disciplines of the games are athletics, swimming, orienteering, judo and chess as individual events. Basketball, volleyball (mini) football and floorball / unihockey are as team events. Also tennis, badminton, table tennis, wrestling, ultimate, aesthetic group gymnastics and ice-hockey has appeared in the games.

In 1923 student organizations of Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania established an extensive co-operation agreement, which resulted in first regional student competition for the university students of the respective countries in Tartu, Estonia. The competitions lasted until 1940 when the last winter games were held before the ties between Baltic States were severed by World War II. During this period there were organized separately summer games, winter games and chess tournaments. After Baltic States became independent again the tradition of competition was restored in a meeting held 21.4. 1997, and the SELL Games were organized in 1998 in Tartu. The competition has been open to all university students around the world since then.
SELL summer games
I - 1923 Tartu, Estonia
II - 1924 Riga, Latvia
III - 1926 Helsinki, Finland
IV - 1929 Kaunas, Lithuania
V - 1930 Tallinn, Estonia
VI - 1931 Riga, Latvia
VII - 1932 Helsinki, Finland
VIII - 1933 Kaunas, Lithuania
IX - 1934 Tartu, Estonia
X - 1935 Riga, Latvia
XI - 1936 Helsinki, Finland
XII - 1937 Kaunas, Lithuania
XIII - 1938 Tartu, Estonia
XIV - 1939 Riga, Latvia (cancelled)
1940–1997 Not held
XV - 1998 Tartu, Estonia
XVI - 1999 Kaunas, Lithuania
XVII - 2000 Jelgava, Latvia
XVIII - 2002 Tartu, Estonia
XIX - 2003 Kaunas, Lithuania
XX - 2004 Tampere, Finland
XXI - 2005 Riga, Latvia
XXII - 2006 Tartu, Estonia
XXIII - 2007 Kaunas, Lithuania
XXIV - 2008 Espoo, Finland
XXV - 2009 Jelgava, Latvia
XXVI - 2010 Tartu, Estonia
XXVII - 2011 Kaunas, Lithuania
XXVIII - 2012 Espoo, Finland
XXIX - 2013 Riga, Latvia
XXX - 2014 Tartu, Estonia
XXXI - 2015 Kaunas, Lithuania
XXXII - 2016 Tampere, Finland
XXXIII - 2017 Riga, Latvia
XXXIV - 2018 Tartu, Estonia
XXXV - 2019 Kaunas, Lithuania
XXXVI - 2021 Riga, Latvia (canceled)
XXXVII - 2022 Riga, Latvia

SELL winter games

I - 1929 Riga, Latvia
II - 1931 Helsinki, Finland
III - 1933 Kaunas, Lithuania (cancelled)
IV - 1935 Riga & Sigulda, Latvia
V - 1938 Zarasai, Lithuania
VI - 1940 Otepää, Estonia

SELL chess tournaments

I - 1937 Riga, Latvia
II - 1938 Tartu, Estonia
III - 1939 Helsinki, Finland












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